Αgni Pikionis, Honorary member of the association

Agni Pikioni was born in Athens in 1941. She studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, graduating in 1966.
For many years she has been engaged in the systematic research into and study and promotion of the work of her father, the architect Dimitris Pikionis.
A significant aspect of this project was her long collaboration with the artist Peris Ieremiadis in creating a classified, annotated and chronological archive of his paintings, drawings and architectural work which has formed the basis of subsequent related publications and exhibitions.
Also, with the invaluable collaboration of Michalis Parousis, she has published the books D. Pikionis: Texts and Pikionis's study The Vernacular Architecture of Chios.
She continues to contribute to the preservation and recognition of the architectural legacy of Dimitris Pikionis by lecturing and curating exhibitions both in Greece and abroad.

Publications :






 Dimitris Pikionis, architecte 1887-1968:
A Topographie Sentimental, Architectural
Éd. Association,
Londres, 1989.

 Δημητρη Πικιωνη, 1887-1968, a greek architect
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Κείμενα- Δημήτρη Πικιώνης (1887-1968)
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 Η αρχιτεκτονική της Χίου,  Συγγραφέας: Dimitris Pikionis (1887-1968),
Αγνή Πικιώνη, M. Παρουσης
Éd. Indiktos & Αγνή Πικιώνη, Athens, 2000.

 Dimitris Pikionis.
Η Αρχιτεκτονική της Χίου  Επιτομή,

Μουσείο Μπενάκη,
2000, Athens.(Ελληνικά).

 Dimitris Pikionis: Zωγραφικα,
Éd. Indiktos, Athens.
Dimitris Pikionis,
Agni Pikionis,
Éd. Indiktos, Athens, 2002.
Dimitris Pikionis:
Agni Pikionis,
Giorgos Magropoglos,

Éd. Indiktos, Athens, 2001. 
 Dimitris Pikionis:
Ο paidikos kipos
tis filotheis,
Agni Pikionis,
Éd. Indiktos, Athens, 2002.
 Dimitris Pikionis, 1887-1968,
Agni Pikionis,
Éd. Μουσείο Μπενάκη,
Athens,  2010.

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*La pose d'un chemin grec
à un monument de l'Ouest
En français

*Détail du dallage. Paysage autour de l'Acropole,
Athènes, 1951-1957
En français






En grec.


* Les jeudis de l'architecture,
émission de France Culture
(février 2011)
avec, en particulier,
une rétrospective
sur l’œuvre
de l'architecte grec
Dimitris Pikionis




 *Une exposition
de décembre à mars 2011

au Musée Bénaki d'Athènes.

En grec, en anglais
et en espagnol.






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