The Rider The Horse The Dragon The Saint George Icons of Peris Ieremiadis A chronicle for our time


The Rider  The Horse   The Dragon

The Saint George Icons of Peris Ieremiadis

A chronicle for our time

Lambros Kampéridis

Editions Domos, Athènes, mai 2010.



 Présentation de l’ouvrage :

During the last years of his life Peris Ieremiadis was creatively obsessed by the archetypal image of Saint George, composed of a rider on his horse, and of a dragon. He painted hundreds of these icons depicting the struggle of a solitary hero against the dark forces of evil. This little book, written by Lambros Kamperidis and tastefully printed by Domos Books, with the original title O IPPEUS, O IPPOS, O DRAKON (The Rider, the Horse, the Dragon), is a commentary on these three emblematic figures and on the rich symbolism they have evoked since antiquity in their mythical and allegorical context. The book is graced with some of the Saint George icons, which are complementing the text by providing an exegetical accompaniment to the engagement of the artist with the primordial symbolism of the perennial struggle between good and evil.

The author wished to convey his understanding of the spiritual dimensions of this struggle, which is not circumscribed by its archaic symbolism. This ongoing struggle continues to characterize our own era in which, more often than not, the forces of evil are viewed as good and the good is presented as evil, promoting a distorted perception which is favouring the pursuit of a questionable good based on liberal principles. Moreover, the book is offered to the public as a testimony of the friendship between the two men, a sort of dialogue marked by the respect of the author towards the artist and his determination to depict his own struggle against the dark forces of evil.



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