Vassiliki Papageorgiou, honorary member of the association

Vassiliki Papageorgiou
Singer, lyrics-writer, poet


Honorary member of the association





“I am an honorary member of the association for as a friend of Peris I feel my love for him always alive. Peris is present in the present through shared experience, memory and the vision of an ecumenical world - wherein he was a true master, while remaining faithful to the roots and the colours of the soul of his own country.
His presence filled me with courage, his work with inspiration.
The association can preserve this presence through his art only by means of all those who share in it.”


Origin from Smyrna and Lesbos.

Lives in Heybeliada, in Istanbul.





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Vassiliki Papageorgiou was born in Athens to a family originating from Smyrna and Lesbos. She studied biology but soon she devoted herself to her love for music and song. Tracing her musical roots she studied the oral folksinging tradition of Greece by accompanying Vangelis Soukas's clarinet in ''panigyria'' (traditional musical festivities) throughout the countryside. Finally Vassiliki developed a deep sensitivity for the traditional instruments and sounds of Asia Minor, the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea while singing in Greek, Spanish and Italian with various groups throughout Greece.

In 1993 she arrived for the first time in Istanbul with Thesia Panagiotou  and Kostas Ferris's ''Kompania Rebetiko'' group, where she interpreted songs of the Rebetiko tradition. She has been living in Istanbul ever since.

Her knowledge of Greek music and her  voice rich with Aegean intonations have been the catalyst and inspiration for fusing the younger Turkish musicians of the Classical Bosphorus orchestra and Greek musicians into forming the experimental  ensemble of Contemporary Bosphorus.

Since 1994, Vassiliki has been accompanied in recordings and in concerts by three instruments, the ney, the kemenche (lyre of Istanbul) and the cello whose relationship to the human voice lies within the heart of the mystical sphere of Turkey. This association has enriched her voice endowing it with unique textures and harmonics.

Furthermore, her experience into the mystical world of Turkey through the sounds of the Balama (saz- long-necked lute), kemenche and the ney have given her an insight into the Turkish reality where her hold of the Turkish language alone would not have sufficed.

Eventually Vassiliki entered the realm of poetic writing . The turning point occurred in 1996 when she wrote the poems for her first solo album "Last Boat From Halki" for which Hasan Esen composed the music.
More recordings and albums were released with her singing her lyrics on compositions by Turkish and Greek composers such as "The Silk Road" (1998) and "Beyond the Bosphorus" (2003). In 2004 she cooperated with the Turkish group "Gündoğarken" both interpreting and writing Greek lyrics for their songs to produce an album called "Evening Sky Over The City" which was released simultaneously in Greece and in Turkey.
In 2010 Vassiliki recorded the album  "Ellinotourkika" composed of a combination of beloved songs of both countries in which she lives and works.

Furthermore, Vassiliki apart from writing she also translates poetry. The "Indictus" publishing house released in 2008 her translation into Greek from the French text of Rainer Maria Rilke's poem "The Book of Poverty and Death". The same year some of her poems were included in a literature anthology issued by the "Metaihmio" publishers under the title "Constantinople, A City in Literature".

In May 2010 she was invited to take part in the International Poetry Festival of Istanbul - within the events of "Istanbul 2010, European Capital of  Culture"  - with her poems about Istanbul.

Since 2008 amidst concerts and recordings, Vassiliki has been working with her husband Nikiphoros Metaxas and their NGO “Bosphorus Cultural Alliance”, for the restoration of the former Greek primary school building on the island of Heybeli in Istanbul. The restored building will house the “Heybeliada International Sound Centre”, a centre for research, education and artistic production focusing on the musical traditions of Anatolia and the Mediterranean Region, with an emphasis on creativity and an approach open to contemporary genres of artistic expression.

Some of her songs:
- Ta Karavia tou Mesimeriou

- Elâ Gözlü Pirim Geldi

- Yarim İstanbul'u mesken mi tuttun

- Prin na m'arnitheis - Πριν να μ' αρνηθείς

- For Sappho - Μνήμη Σαπφούς


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